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Certificates of Competency

Participants who successfully complete training courses are issued with a certificate of either completion (for familiarisation courses) or competency (for lifting operation courses). Certificates are issued when participants have met all of the following criteria:

  • The full duration of the course has been attended
  • Theoretical and practical assessments have been completed and any set pass mark achieved 
  • For lifting courses, competency  at various stages has been confirmed by the Assessor
  • Course paperwork has been completed.

Lifting and Crane Operations Log Books

Successful completion of a training course should be entered into participants’ Lifting and Crane Operations log book. Participants who do not have a log book may purchase one from Offshore Energy, or clients may elect to do this on behalf of participants.

The company’s Assessors are authorised to officiate entries via their company-issued stamp. Lifting and Crane Operations log books are not legal documents; however, they can be used to demonstrate legal requirements relating to competency assessments. As such, this stamp must only be applied by persons who have demonstrated to Offshore Energy that they are qualified to assess the competence of others, for the level(s) to which they are qualified.


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