Pre-commissioning Pipeline Pre-commissioning

Pipeline Pre-commissioning

Constructors and facilities operators benefit greatly from pre-commissioning, where investigations and planning are carried out in advance of the commissioning phase. Pipeline, process module, subsea structure, flexible or umbilical pre-commissioning activities can provide assurance that component parts are leak-free and are in a suitable state of cleanliness and readiness for commissioning and long term system operation.


The following activities are considered during pre-commissioning:

  • Wet preservation flooding / filling
  • Remote or subsea flooding
  • Cleaning
  • High velocity flushing
  • Gauging
  • Hydrotesting / pressure testing
  • Intelligent pigging
  • Controlled bolting
  • Tie-in leak testing and leak detection
  • De-watering
  • Air and vacuum drying
  • Nitrogen purging and packing
  • Conditioning
  • Nitrogen / helium leak testing.

The following presentation describes pre-commissioning activities for pipelines: Pre-Commissioning Overview: Pipelines

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