Installation Analysis In-Situ Assessment

In-Situ Assessment

Once structures or systems are deployed our engineering expertise can be used to ensure operational effectives, design for performance improvement, or ensure systems can withstand environmental design load conditions.

We make use of a variety of analysis techniques, as well as having the benefit of experience in applying a wide range of design codes to ensure the right solution is adopted.

Specific services include:

  • Anchors and piles: specification and analysis of holding capacities
  • Seabed on-bottom stability analysis
  • Wave power systems spacing, optimisation and design
  • Wind turbine modelling
  • J-tube design and assessment
  • Frequency domain fatigue analysis and response envelope
  • Trawl gear / foreign body impact assessment
  • Dropped object assessments
  • Buoyancy and clump weight design
  • Thermal analysis and complex fluid flow behaviour understanding

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