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Offshore Deployment Assessment

Marine dynamics assessments idenfity the limitations associated with the installation of offshore packages such as subsea ploughs, jetting tools, marine current turbines, gravity bases, wave energy converters, or other structures and equipment. Lifting assessment can be undertaken in air, through the splash zone, in the water column and near the seabed. These studies lead to a detailed understanding of operational limitations from factors such as crane hook loads, lifting wire peak tensions, and rigging design and tensions.

Additional capability beyond structural marine dynamics adopts numerical methods and algorithms to simulate complex problems involving fluid flow (CFD). CFD analysis is a complex tool, and as well as helping to understand in detail the behaviour of fluid flow, it allows temperature effects to be considered, where relevant, which can have significant wide ranging influence.

CFD has proven to be of particular value in understanding hydrodynamic drag and added mass of complex structure shapes more accurately. This increase in accuracy negates the need for potentially overly conservative design code estimates and de-limits operating envelopes.

Specific service examples include:

  • Offshore lift dynamics
  • Through-splash zone deployment assessment, through multiphase fluids modelling
  • Seabed landing
  • Structure displacement due to environmental conditions and means to control this
  • Deep water installation of subsea hardware
  • Seabed plough deployment and operation
  • Steelwork / A-frame design and integrity: Global, local, elastic, plastic and fatigue analysis can be carried out to ensure the harsh offshore environment does not cause the structure to fail during installation
  • Anchor handling and mooring deployment
  • Rigging design and tag line requirements
  • Active heave control crane assessments
  • Mooring dynamics and DP capability
  • Sloshing analysis, moonpool behaviour and green-water assessment

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