Installation Analysis Product Installation Analysis

Product Installation Analysis

Marine dynamics analysis can be used to understand the hydrodynamic behaviour of product installation, such as infield and export cable deployment. The influence of vessel motion on product integrity and positioning can be significant. Downtime frequently occurs due to compromise of integrity issues in the product or on the vessel, or overly conservative operational limitations being imposed, resulting in unnecessary vessel standby time.

A detailed understanding of touchdown tension and minimum bend radius can be determined, as well as the peak tensions at the vessel. By studying a variety of sea states (wave heights and periods, currents, and environmental directions relative to vessel heading), operational limitations can be understood and recommended layback distances can be calculated to ensure product integrity.

Installation analysis can also be used investigate pull-in requirements used to determine required vessel stand-off distances and pull-in winch sizing, while ensuring product integrity. We have experience with all common pull-in methods such as direct, lazy-S and quadrant, as well as development of novel solutions.

Specific services include:

  • Product lay dynamics analysis to determine optimum layback and maximise operation envelopes
  • Abandonment and recovery: Analysis to identify the stresses in a product during abandonment and recovery or the tensions required to maintain acceptable stresses
  • Vessel / barge stability investigations
  • Product pull-in forces: Both on and offshore including tower and substation pull-in assessments, j-tube pull-inProduct laydown procedures
  • Product laydown procedures
  • Deflect-to-connect and cross-seabed pull-in
  • Reeling: Full stress and strain analysis of steel pipe and coatings. Taking into account ovalisation, changes in pipe sections because of manufacturing tolerances and strain concentrations at joints and splices
  • Ropes, winches and chains: Design, sizing requirements, fatigue life calculations and service life estimates
  • Peer Reviews of third party designs and systems

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